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YOUDOT Website

The YOUDOT website was create for and is about UDOT employees. It has been designed to bring useful and interesting news and information to UDOT employees, as well as links to forms and materials that will help them do their work.

YOUDOT attempts to reflect the diversity of our workforce with stories, features and links that showcase all of who we are and what we do. Our goal is to show that whether we are operating a ferry, fixing a pothole, analyzing traffic data or preparing payroll documents, we are bound as one by our shared vision: to keep Utah moving.

And to meet that goal, we will need employee’s help. While we are doing everything we can to stay up to date with the latest news and information around the Department, we’re sure to miss a few things now and then. So please help us tell the UDOT story to all of our UDOT employees by sharing news and events with us. You can email us your story ideas at youdot@utah.gov.