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UDOT University

Welcome to the UDOT University webpage, the home of UDOT’s training program.  On these webpages you will find all of the training that is offered by the Utah Department of Transportation for State employees, and other organizations, contractors, and consultants that work with our State Transportation System.

Use the Links below to navigate through UDOT U’s web page.

Learning Portal Support

Common Issues

Enable Flash  Video  PDF 
Allowing Pop-ups  Video  

Support for Trainers

View of Learning Activities  PDF 
 How to Assign Courses  PDF


 Understanding the Learning Portal  PDF 
 Using a Checklist  Video
 Rating a Skill  Video 

Managers & Supervisors

 Assigning Courses  PDF
 Marking Courses Complete  PDF
 Running Team Reports  PDF
Evaluating Checklists   Video
Rating Skills   Video
 Checklists & Skills PDF 

Contact Support

For any questions & concerns about training in the UDOT Learning Portal please email us at