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Consultant & Contractor Training

Consultant & Contractor Training

UDOT University

On these web pages you will find all of the training that is offered by the Utah Department of Transportation for contractors and consultants that work with our State Transportation System.

Upcoming Classes

The calendar is temporarily down. Please check the UDOT Learning Portal for more up to date information

Certification Database

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a certification / class?

More information

How can I update my Employer Information?

Please send an email to udotu@utah.gov with your name, company email, previous employer, and new employer.

Help / Support

Questions about the UDOT Learning Portal, records, course completion, technical support, etc.

Please email udotu@utah.gov

Questions about TTQP Certification requirements, testing, procedures, etc.

Please email udotttqp@utah.gov

Questions about Construction Training.

Please email or call Chris Dilley cdilley@utah.gov 385-285-6142