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Structures Design and Detailing Manual

Structures Design and Detailing Manual

The UDOT Structures Design and Detailing Manual (SDDM) has been developed to provide the Structures Design staff and consultants with UDOT policies, procedures, practices and technical criteria.  The SDDM consists of the written manual, drawings (working standards, structures design drawings, sample sheets), checklists and SDDM Revision Memoranda.  The information presented in the SDDM is expected to help fulfill UDOT’s mission of providing a safe and efficient transportation system.

Please click on the icon to download the current SDDM written manual.

For convenience, the “Current SDDM Written Manual” includes the most recent full release of the written manual along with interim revisions to date in a single document. Please verify that the copy includes the most current interim revisions. Previous published versions of the written manual, drawings, checklists, and SDDM Revision Memoranda are provided below.

Written Manual

The written manual provides technical direction and expands upon and clarifies design and construction requirements as specified by AASHTO Specifications.

Original Release – Structures Design and Detailing Manual – October 2022
Revisions to the SDDM between published editions are issued through SDDM Revision Memoranda and are referred to as interim revisions. Requirements detailed in the memoranda are effective and enforceable on the effective date listed in the memorandum. Click on the “Current SDDM Written Manual” icon above to download a file which includes all current interim revisions.

SDDM Written Manual Revision Log
A copy of the SDDM written manual including interim revisions is provided above for your convenience.
(“Current SDDM Written Manual”).

The previous version of the SDDM (September 2017) is available for your information below.
The September 2017 SDDM has been superseded by the October 2022 SDDM and revisions.

Structures Design and Detailing Manual – September 2017

A document tracking the changes between the October 2022 SDDM and the September 2017 SDDM is provided for you below.

SDDM – September 2017 to October 2022 – Tracked Changes

Drawings (Working Standards, Structures Design Drawings, Sample Sheets, and Borders)

Working Standards

Working standards (WS) define the form, function and requirements of commonly used plan sheets. The working standard identifies areas requiring structural design engineer input by a blue note. Update the working standard where indicated by the blue notes. Ensure that the working standard used is compatible with the design and details of a specific structure. The working standard becomes part of the sealed plan set, and the Engineer of Record (EOR) is responsible for all information on the working standard. Review the working standards, identify any areas of concern and inform the Structures Division of proposed changes to the working standard beyond the changes indicated by the blue notes. The Structures Design Manager must approve changes to a working standard in areas not indicated by the blue notes.

Combined file of Working Standards (PDF 34.7 MB)
Updated 05/03/2023

Individual Files
Working Standards: (PDF) (DGN)
Previous Versions: (PDF) (DGN)

Working Standards Revision Log

Structures Design Drawings

Structures design drawings (SD) identify specific engineering requirements. Structures design drawings are a design aid and list specific design requirements or details. Structures design drawings are not plan sheets and are not included in plan sets

Combined file of Structures Design Drawings (PDF 10.9 MB)
Updated 05/03/2023

Individual Files
Structures Design Drawings: (PDF) (DGN)
Previous Versions: (PDF) (DGN)

Structures Design Drawings Revision Log

Sample Sheets

Sample sheets (SS) are examples of typical structure plan sheets. Use the sheets as a guide when preparing structure plan sets. Sample sheets depict typical layouts and information provided on structure drawings. Sample sheets guide users in developing plan sets and encourage consistency in presentation. Sample sheets do not depict specific requirements. For specific requirements refer to the SDDM written manual, checklists, working standards (WS), and structures design drawings (SD).

Combined file of Sample Sheets (PDF 14.8 MB)
Updated 05/03/2023

Individual Files
Sample Sheets: (PDF) (DGN)
Previous Versions: (PDF) (DGN)

Sample Sheets Revision Log


The standard Structures Division border, StructBorder.dgn (45 KB), is for use on UDOT projects.


Checklists are provided to assist with the development and review of plans, design detailing and working drawings. Not all checklists are submittal documents, refer to the PDN and description on the individual checklist to see if submittal is required. Regardless of submittal requirements, checklists are recommended for use as appropriate, however checklists are not all inclusive and the engineer must review the documents and include all information required to construct the structure and meet the design intent.


Checklist Revision Log

SDDM Revision Memoranda

Revision Memoranda

A SDDM Revision Memorandum establishes interim revisions to SDDM policies, procedures, practices and technical requirements. The Structures Division issues memoranda as needed to ensure that the SDDM remains up to date and appropriately reflects changes in needs and requirements.

SDDM Revision Memoranda are associated with the SDDM version currently in publication. With the release of the 2022 SDDM, previous SDDM Revision Memoranda have been incorporated into the baseline manual. Previously released memoranda are available for review by following the link in the SDDM – September 2017 dropdown menu below.

Requirements detailed in the memoranda are effective and enforceable on the effective date listed in the memorandum and in the SDDM Revision Log.

Revision Title Effective Date
Initial Publication of October 2022 Structures Design and Detailing Manual
Structures Division Memorandum – SDDM October 2022 October 17, 2022
Revisions to the Written Manual
S22-W01: Expansion Joint Size at Installation and Filenames May 03, 2023
Revisions to the Drawings
S22-D01: S&L, Box Culvert, Expansion Joint, Preservation and Parapet Drawings May 03, 2023
Revisions to the Checklists
S22-C01: S&L for Box Culvert and S&L for Preservation Checklists May 03, 2023

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SDDM - September 2017

The September 2017 SDDM has been superseded by the October 2022 SDDM. The information provided by the September 2017 SDDM and its associated memoranda is provided by the link below.

September 2017 SDDM and Associated Memoranda

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