2. Projects


Where do projects come from and how does it all begin?

By the time citizens see construction equipment and orange barrels, UDOT, planning organizations, local governments and transit agencies have been developing the visions and plans that led to the project for many years. The process begins with Utah’s Transportation Vision which involves collaboration with partnering agencies, for example cities, to establish a shared vision for transportation statewide.

This vision is then used by UDOT, planning organizations and UTA to develop Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan. This process involves these partners working together to develop common goals as well as plan time horizons, performance measures and financial assumptions. Everyone then agrees on which projects and needs to include in the Unified Plan, as well as timing, funding and how to measure their effectiveness in meeting shared objectives.

The Transportation Commission uses the Unified Plan to begin their prioritization process and assign funds. This results in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan. The STIP is a six year plan of highway and transit projects throughout Utah and UDOT uses this as a work plan for our projects.

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