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Utah Based Aircraft Registration

Current Registration Policies

*NEW* Utah no longer issues Aircraft Registration Decals!

Aircraft registration fees are based on the Average Wholesale Value of the aircraft as published in the Fall editions of the Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest in accordance with Utah Code Title 72-10-110.

The Division of Aeronautics determines the correct registration fees for customers.

Payments and registration must be completed using the online portal and only credit cards or e-checks will be accepted.

Mailed checks are not accepted. Please do not mail checks.

If you’ve received a notice to renew or establish your Utah Aircraft Registration, Utah’s Division of Aeronautics welcomes you to Utah Aeronautics Online Registration Portal!

For Account Details & Payment

For new owners establishing registrations for the first time on an aircraft, or if you qualify to register for less than the full calendar year, select our Request for Agency Action for prorated fees.

All aircraft registrations include a $25 annual State Uniform Fee, as required by law.

If you received a renewal notice and are no longer the current owner of the aircraft, please email a copy of the Bill of Sale to aircraftregistration@utah.gov.

Questions or Help

First-time Registration Using Online Portal

Utah aircraft registrations must be paid online using credit cards or e-checks.


7 Steps to Register
  1. Create your account with your email address and password. Start by clicking CREATE LOGIN.
  2. Search for and then “Add” currently FAA registered aircraft to your account.

    Check your FAA data at registry.faa.gov/AircraftInquiry/Search/NNumberInquiry
  3. Update owner address, email, phone number and billing info.

    Business owners may add a 2nd email and 2nd billing address to your Utah registration account.
    NOTE: The FAA registration record owner address and data is used for Utah certificates.
  4. Select your aircraft’s primary airport location and effective dates.
  5. Review aircraft value, assessed Utah registration fees and $25 uniform fee.
  6. Pay total fees with credit card or e-check. Confirm transaction success.
  7. Print your Utah Aircraft Registration Certificate.

    For owners of multiple aircraft, repeat Steps 2 through 7.

What Do Registration Fees Provide?

Registration and Uniform Fee payments improve Utah’s public airports by providing grant eligibility in FAA and State airport capital improvement programs!

Need to Update FAA Records?

Registration for Utah is still possible with pending or in-progress FAA changes.

View current FAA owner information here:
  • FAA records are updated daily.

    For the latest document processing status, call (866) 762-9434
  • To continue Utah registration, follow the “First-time Registrations Using Online Portal” instructions in the first drop down above.
  • After FAA updates are complete and published, owners simply reprint their Utah registration certificate with the new FAA data.

Just Recently Purchased Aircraft or Aircraft New to Utah?

Are FAA changes in progress?
  • Owners simply carry a copy of the FAA’s Aircraft Bill of Sale Form AC 8050-2 until the FAA updates and publishes the new aircraft record.
  • Once FAA updates are complete, owners reprint their Utah registration certificate with the new data and no longer require a copy of the FAA AC 8050-2 Aircraft Bill of Sale.
All new aircraft purchases, or aircraft newly based in Utah, qualify the first year, for prorated Utah registration fees.
  • Proration is based on the whole months remaining in the year.
  • The $25 State Uniform Fee is not eligible for proration.
  • Owners select the “Request for Agency Action” on the UDOT registration portal, using the category of either
    • “Recently Purchased Aircraft/Change of Ownership”

      “Newly Utah Based Aircraft”
  • Documentation is required.

Utah Requests for Agency Action

For Utah aircraft registrations, any significant issue that changes a normally assessed fee requires an “Agency Action Request” (an appeal) be requested and processed on the Utah Aircraft Registration portal.

Importantly, the Division of Aeronautics or the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) are not able to process a refund, issue a credit or adjust the fees due after a payment is processed on the UDOT Aircraft Registration portal.

The categories of Agency Action Requests are:
  • Air Charter Services
  • Aircraft Not Airworthy
  • Aircraft Out of State > 6 Months
  • Aircraft Owner Incorrect
  • Medical Transport Use
  • Newly Utah Based Aircraft
  • Recently Purchased Aircraft/Change of Ownership
  • Tax Exempt Entity
  • Wholesale Value/Fees
  • Other (specify)
All Requests for Agency Action require documentation be submitted for consideration.
Most file types (PDF, JPEG, DOCX, etc.) can be uploaded directly on the users account.

Reduced Rate Categories

For each of the reduced rate categories below as well as all normal registration assessments, a $25 State Uniform Fee is required to be added to the registration fee which is not eligible for proration or waiving.

Reduced Rate Registration Categories and their qualification requirements include:

Air Charter Services
    Aircraft used for Air Charter Services pay 0.25% of the average wholesale value for a registration fee if they qualify for Air Charter Service requirements.
    Additional federal requirements that may apply are listed here: FAA Part 135

    Air Charter Service requirements include aircraft that are: “Used by the Air Charter Service specifically for Air Charter “and” are owned by a person or entity “other” than the Air Charter Service”.
Medical Transport Tax Exempt Aircraft 60 Years Old or Older
    Owners pay the lessor of: “$100 or 0.4% of the average wholesale value” as published in the Fall edition of Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest.
    Aircraft not able to be valued by the Aeronautics Division are assessed an annual registration fee of $100.

Sales Tax for Utah Aircraft

For sales tax questions on Utah aircraft, please contact the Utah State Tax Commission, Aircraft Division at the numbers below.
Visit their website at: tax.utah.gov/sales/aircraft-sales-tax/

(801) 297-4670
(801) 297-4670
(801) 297-4753

General Information

What is a “Utah based” aircraft?
    An air-worthy aircraft in Utah for the cumulative majority of a year.
First time registrations using Online Portal section above.
    See First Time Registrations Using Online Portal section above.
Late Fee Penalties?
    Registration payments made after January 31 of each year may have fines of 10% for January and 5% of the registration fee for months after January, added to the bill. See Utah Code Title:72-10-112.
Flight with non-compliant aircraft registration or unpaid State Uniform Fees? For Additional Utah Aeronautical Laws:
    See Utah Code, Title 72-10

Other Questions

How do I pay for a Utah aircraft registration?


Utah aircraft registrations can only be paid online using credit cards or e-checks.
Start by Creating Your Account by clicking this link: Create Login.

Where do I pay my registration bill?
Utah aircraft registrations are ONLY paid via our online portal starting here: Pay Utah Aircraft Registration Fees. Checks are not accepted and will be returned to senders.

What if I don’t have a credit card to use with the online payment program?
Owners must use the online registration program to process their registration for a Utah Aircraft owners without a valid credit card must use an e-check for processing.
Contact your financial institution if you do not have access to e-checks.

Where do I keep my Utah registration certificate?
Current Utah registration certificates must be maintained with the operator (or in the aircraft) anytime the aircraft is in operation.

What if my aircraft is not listed in the quarterly Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest?
  • UDOT Aeronautics uses other Industry-accepted standards to assess valuations.
  • Aircraft without sufficient sales data are assessed the nominal $100 registration fee.
What if my info as the aircraft owner changes?
  • Utah registration is still possible.
  • Proceed with Utah registration starting here Pay Utah Aircraft Registration Fees.
  • Confirm requested changes with the FAA are in progress.
  • Review the above section titled: Need to update FAA records?
  • After Utah registration and payment, simply reprint your Utah certificate once the FAA has updated your record. Confirm success here:
  • Confirm the FAA’s expected processing time by calling here: (866) 762-9434.
What if I’ve sold my aircraft?
  • Sellers must complete and file an FAA Aircraft Bill of Sale form FAA Form AC 8050-2…
  • UDOT Aeronautics requires a copy of the signed and dated FAA AC Form 8050-2 including all buyers and sellers information.
What if I just purchased or acquired an aircraft?
  • You may be eligible for a Pro-rated Utah registration fee but must review additional requirements listed in the First Time Aircraft Registration above.
  • Before operation in Utah airspace you must comply with Utah Code Title 72-10-110.
What if I want to print a Utah Aircraft Registration Certificate?
  • Create or log-in to your account starting here: Utah Aircraft Registration.
  • Certificate printing is available only for paid Utah aircraft registrations.
  • Valid Utah aircraft registration certificates must contain both a Certificate Number and a unique Transaction Receipt Tracking code. (If either or both of these items are missing, contact Utah Aeronautics for assistance at (801) 715-2264 or via email at aircraftregistration@utah.gov)
  • A printed certificate must be maintained with your aircraft or its operator.
What other Utah fees or taxes am I responsible for?
  • Utah DOT/Aeronautics only requires the Registration and a State Uniform fee be paid each calendar year.
  • For other Utah Tax considerations, Visit: tax.utah.gov/sales/aircraft-sales-tax. Aircraft Self Review Summary and Tax Commission Form TC-828 are regularly used forms, tables, and references…
What if I’m a joint owner of a Utah based aircraft?
    The owner listed on the FAA Registration certificate is the responsible party.
    For a Utah registration certificate, a single online payment “In Full” must be submitted and is up to the joint owners to determine a solution.
What if the aircraft’s FAA Air Worthiness Certificate is invalid?
    Aircraft without a valid Air Worthiness certificate, under repair and are incomplete, must complete an Agency Action Request on the Utah registration portal to have fees waived.
    Before operation in Utah airspace, you must comply with Utah Code Title 72-10-110.
What if I:
  • Qualify for one of the reduced rate categories listed in First-time Aircraft Registrations; or,
  • Disagree with the Average Wholesale Value used in determining fees or;
  • Disagree with the penalties assessed or;
  • Disagree with the decision of a previous Request for Agency Action or;
  • Disagree for any other reason;
    • Then owners must:
  • For any of the above; owners must – initiate a “Request for Agency Action” within 30-days of creating your registration account or receiving your Letter of Notification for Aircraft Registration and;
    • Delay registration fee payment, until your case is decided.
    • If your case is denied, Late Fee Penalties may be added to your account. See Title 72-10-112.
    • Requests for Agency Action comply with Utah Administrative Rule R914-4 in accordance with Title 63G-(3), Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act.


For all other issues, please contact Kiera Allen, Aircraft Registration Specialist