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Aeronautics Division

About us

The primary purpose of the Aeronautics Division is to lead and manage a statewide transportation system of airports, aircraft, and air routes. The Division of Aeronautics promotes the quality of life framework established by the UVision for good health, better mobility, a strong economy, and connected communities. We accomplish this through six core functions:

Core Functions

  1. Airport System Planning
  2. Aviation Rule Making
  3. Airport Project Funding
  4. Aircraft Registration
  5. Aviation Promotion
  6. Aviation Safety

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The State of Utah’s motto is “Life Elevated.” At the Division of Aeronautics we “Elevate Life” for Utah residents by creating an aviation system that connects communities in every corner of the state.


  1. Integrate Aviation into the Transportation System
  2. Enhance Community Economy
  3. Lead Utah into the Future of Aerial Transportation

Points of Contact

Matt Maass
Director of Aeronautics
Email:  mmaass@utah.gov
Phone: 503-847-7176

Nick Holt
Economic Aviation Development Manager
Email:  nmholt@utah.gov
Phone: 435-590-0276

Amber Pace
Support Services
Email:  apace@utah.gov
Phone: 801-715-2272

Kiera Allen
Aircraft Registration Program Manager
Email: kieraallen@utah.gov
Phone: 385-522-3821

Paul Damron
Advanced Air Mobility / Non NPIAS Asset Manager
Email: pdamron@utah.gov
Phone: 435-592-5139

Craig Ide, P.E.
NPIAS Asset Manager
Email: cide@utah.gov 
Phone: 801-715-2274

Nicole Zinger
Aviation Operations and Emergency Manager
Email:  nzinger@utah.gov
Phone: 801-803-3499

Greg Peterson
Chief Pilot
Email:  ggpeterson@utah.gov
Phone: 801-403-8423

John Gatherum
Aircraft Pilot
Email:  jgatherum@utah.gov
Phone: 801-715-2275

Jeremy Wilde
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor
Email:  jeremywilde@utah.gov
Phone: 435-715-2266

Steve Matheson Jr.
Aircraft Mechanic
Email:   stevedmatheson@utah.gov
Phone: 435-715-2267

Jeff Wilding
Aircraft Mechanic
Email:   jgwilding@utah.gov
Phone: 435-715-2267