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Rail Division

The purpose of the Rail Division is to oversee and improve safety for transit systems and all public highway-rail grade crossings. These responsibilities include developing and overseeing a transit system safety program, reviewing the safety at all existing and proposed grade crossings, and determining the maintenance responsibilities for grade crossings.

The programs administered by the Rail Division include Federal Section 130 funds and Railroad Crossing Safety Grants.

Brad G. Palmer, P.E.
Rail Division Director
Email:  bgpalmer@utah.gov
Office: (801) 965-4535

Mailing Address
Utah Department of Transportation
Attention: Rail Division
P.O. Box 143200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-3200

Rail Program

State Safety Oversight (SSO)

Peter Jager, State Safety Oversight Program Manager
801-910-2191, pjager@utah.gov
      State Safety Oversight

      Per FTA requirements, UDOT serves as the State Safety Oversight Agency over UTA Trax.