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Aeronautics Resources

FLY UTAH Education Grant

The FLY UTAH education grant is a new annual funding opportunity to support the development of educational pathways in the field of aviation. The grant is open to all educational institutions, schools, and training facilities in the State of Utah with new or existing programs that prepare students for a career in aeronautics. Awardees will receive one-time funding for projects with a total of $75,000 to be allocated each year. The goal of this grant is to build Utah’s skilled workforce in aviation by aligning the efforts of education and industry and encourage students to engage in career development.

Please use the link below to access the application. Completed applications and any supporting documentation should be sent to Nicole Zinger at nzinger@utah.gov.


The submission window will close on June 12th, 2024 at 11:59 PM MDT.

Airport Revitalization Grant

The Utah Airport Revitalization grant is a new annual funding opportunity to support the visual aspect of airport facilities and grounds. The grant is open to all airports in the State of Utah. This grant does not take away or add to any existing (ACIP) Airport Capital Improvement Plans, or (ALP) Airport Layout Plans. Those are other avenues set up by the FAA and State of Utah for funding opportunities. Awardees will receive funding on an agreed payment schedule based on selected projects. $100,000 is the total amount of funds the Division of Aeronautics has each year to be allocated. The goal of this grant is to support multiple small projects at airports. While enhancing the visibility and aesthetics at airports.

Utah’s Passport Program

Utah’s Division of Aeronautics is partnering with the Utah Airport Operators association to promote aeronautics and encourage safe travel between the various airports in the state. Participants in Utah’s Passport Program will be able to track their visits to each of the 46 public airports in the state as they work toward the goal of exploring them all. Each airport provides a QR code that can be scanned and tracked on the program’s website to monitor your progress. Individuals who complete the program will be awarded a special commendation from the UAOA.