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Partnering Training

Changes to Partnering Program in 2024

The Utah Department of Transportation is updating the Partnering Program.  Rooted in UDOT’s core values of Respect, Integrity, and Caring; and to facilitate better communication and collaboration on projects, we believe it is critical for all those who work on  UDOT projects to demonstrate a commitment to partnering. 

With this commitment to partner in mind, completion and maintenance of Partnering Certification is now required for all personnel who are actively participating in project meetings and coordinating with project teams.  This includes:

Previously Required Partnering Certification  will continue for:

UDOT and Consultant Attendees:

District Engineer, Resident Engineer, Field Engineer, Project Manager, Project Inspectors, Public Involvement, Project Materials Technician, and Project Office Personnel.

Contractor Attendees:

Vice President or sponsor, Superintendent, Project Manager, Project/Field Engineer, Operations Manager, Office Administrator, and Foreman. 

NEW Required Partnering Certification :

Following consensus from the Partnering Taskforce that included various industry partners, it is determined that all personnel who are actively participating in project meetings and coordinating with project teams are now required to complete Partnering Certification, including:  Structures, Geotechnical, Utilities, Traffic & Safety, Right of Way, Maintenance Supervisors, and Designers, etc.

Other Recommended (though not required) participation in Partnering Certification:

Any high risk or critical path subcontractors, suppliers, utility company representatives, and local government officials.

Partnering Training

Partnering Training Requirements
UDOT, the AGC and the project partners realize the importance of joint training in order to ensure that the individuals that work together should also train together. The following training is a requirement for UDOT staff, consultants and contractors to work on UDOT projects. All project team members listed above section must complete Partnering training . If any team member has not completed the training the training must be obtained at the next available training session after successfully winning a UDOT project. Reference Standard Specification 00555 Prosecution and Progress Article 1.11

Partnering 101 Online Training

To begin working on a UDOT project, individuals required to complete Partnering Certification must start the Partnering 101 Learning Module. Once the 101 Module is completed, participants will have up to six months to complete the required in-person training. 

In-person Partnering Certification Training

This training has been reduced to 1 day, and must be completed within 6 months of taking the Partnering 101 online course. Information about the 1 day training, registration and dates the training is offered can be found here.

UDOT EmployeeRegister Here

Consultants/ContractorsRegister Here

NOTE: Anyone who already holds a valid Partnering Certification will not be required to complete the new Partnering Certification Program. We are working on a new continuing education program for Partnering that will be required every 5 years.  Additional Partnering information and resources will be provided as it becomes available. 

Not sure if you are certified? A certification database can be found here. Please direct any questions to udotu@utah.gov.  For other changes to the partnering program, please visit UDOT’s Partnering Training Website.

Upcoming Classes

After you complete the Partnering class at the AGC, your certificate will be available to print from the UDOT Learning portal. If you do not have a learning portal account, one will be created for you. If you don’t receive a notification that your certificate is available in the portal, please email udotu@utah.gov.


Date Location

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

AGC – Salt Lake

Thursday, June 20, 2024

AGC – Salt Lake

Tuesday, September 17, 2024

AGC – Salt Lake

Wednesday, October 10, 2024

AGC – Salt Lake

Wednesday, November 6, 2024

AGC – St. George

Tuesday, December 10, 2024

AGC – Salt Lake


The Associated General Contractors (AGC) handles registration for contractors and consultants. Because Partnering certificates are printed in the UDOT Learning Portal, please ensure that you have an account before the start of your class.

Price: $375

Price: Your org will be charged after the training.

If you are unable to attend the class, call the AGC at least one business day in advance and withdraw your registration. Please be aware the AGC will charge for any UDOT employee who registers for a Partnering class and does not attend.

If you do not cancel and no-show, $375 will be charged to your department’s org. This charge will not be credited toward a future class, which means UDOT will be charged twice (once for the no-show and then a second time when you attend).

The contact information for the AGC is 801-363-2753. You can talk to anyone at the front desk to cancel. If you can’t reach anyone there, email Chris Dilley at cdilley@utah.gov.