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Traffic Signal & ITS Training

Traffic Signal & ITS Training

UDOT is excited to have a comprehensive Traffic Signal and ITS Construction Training Program.  The training has recently been revised (January 2022) since it’s been 4 years since it was announced.  We encourage you to revisit the training or recertify if your certification has expired to learn the latest updates.  The purpose of the online course is to provide world-class training for traffic signal and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) contractors, maintenance crews, Resident Engineers, and inspectors.  This training is specific to UDOT’s equipment and standards.  Therefore, this improves consistency statewide. 

Per the existing UDOT specification 02892, contractors are required to have a minimum of two certified staff on site when constructing traffic signals.  The certification is either IMSA Traffic Signal Field Level II or this course.  Resident Engineers and Inspectors are required to complete this course to be eligible to inspect traffic signal and ITS devices. 

The training course consists of 10 modules.  Preconstruction, Underground, Above Ground, Lighting, ITS, Traffic Signal Wiring, ITS Wiring, Axis Training, Project Acceptance and Electronic Toll Collection.  Each module ranges in length from 30 minutes to an hour.  Quizzes are throughout the training to test your knowledge and you must have a passing score of 80% in order to obtain certification.  Your progress and scores are tracked through the UDOT University.  Hard hat stickers are mailed at the completion of the course so please ensure you have entered a good mailing address when you sign up.  Help us continue to build world class traffic signals and ITS devices statewide by completing the training. 

If you have any questions, please contact carrieoneill@utah.gov

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