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Structures & Geotechnical Events

Structures & Geotechnical Events

Upcoming Structures & Geotechnical Events

Date and Location Description and Materials

No Structures & Geotechnical Events are scheduled at this time. Please see below for recordings from previous Workshops, Meetings and Conferences.

Recorded Workshops, Meetings and Conferences

UDOT Workshops and Meetings

Date Workshop/Meeting
2024, February 12 Structures Consultant and Contractor Meeting.

Click HERE for the agenda.
2023, October 11 Bridge Plan Set Reading – Reinforcing Bar Layout and Details
2022, November 16 Overhead Sign Structure Standards – Presentation for Designers
2022, May 5 & 6 ABC Workshop (NCHRP project presentation)
2022, Mar 23 UDOT Structures Designer and Contractor Meeting
2020, Feb 26 Bridge Preservation/Rehabilitation Feasibility Study Informational Meeting
2019, Feb 27 Structures Division Workshop

UDOT Annual Conferences

Recordings of various presentations made by the Structures Division at UDOT Annual Conferences are provided below. Conferences where no Structures presentations were made are not included in the following list.

UDOT provides the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units through UDOT University where the videos shown below, along with many others, are available.

Watching these videos outside of UDOT University will not qualify for Continuing Education Units.

2022 Annual UDOT Conference

Session Description
2022 Overhead Sign/VMS Structural Standards for Construction Inspection and Contractors

Presented by: Nicholas Clark

1) Learn about details incorporated in the new standards that will facilitate construction and inspection

2) Learn about the inspection requirement of the specifications for these type of structures

3) Discover how the submittals are designed to facilitate contractor means and methods while still achieving requirements from the structural design.

4) Learn how the submittals are to be used in the field during construction.
Specifications 101

Presented by: James Corney

This presentation provides context for specifications and their connection to other contract documents like plans, the M&P, and MS&TR. It also discusses UDOT specification format and proper specification writing to provide a correct, legal and enforceable specification.

A handout with helpful guidance and recommendations is provided HERE for your use.
I-15 Grapevine Pass Rock Cuts & Bridge Over Troubled Mine

Presented by: Ari Menitove and
Jon Bischoff

1) This is the story of how errors in geologic characterization and lack of communication during construction resulted in stability issues within a rock cut along I-15 at Grapevine Pass (Washington County). This presentation describes what went wrong and the lessons learned from a geological/geotechnical perspective.

2) A gilsonite mine at Bonanza crosses under SR-45. The mine left a soil bridge under our road to support the road. Over the years the soil bridge started collapsing and closed the road. The decision to mitigate the situation went several rounds that ended up in a bridge over the mine, with the mine covering some, but not all of the cost.
Inspecting Reinforcing Steel

Presented by: Paul Dye (CRSI)

Quality control and Inspection are necessary to ensure compliance with the contract documents and the building code applicable to the project under construction. Inspection is an important phase of the construction process that ensures a high quality, well-built structure.

● Learn fundamentals regarding reinforcing steel inspection.
● Learn about additional information and resources available from the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute.
SDDM/BMM/GMOI 2022 Manual Release Update

Presented by: James Corney, Becky Nix

and Grant Gummow

These manuals are Structures Division documents which provide detailed instructions and requirements for the design and management of structures and geotechnical elements. This presentation introduces changes to these governing documents with the release of the 2022 manuals.
Structures Emergency Plan

Presented by: Clinton Mccleery

and Jera Irick

This session presents structures emergency response plans. It gives an overview of emergency response roles, inspection types, typical damage levels and types, and documentation during emergency response.

2019 Annual UDOT Conference

Session Description
Digital Delivery of Projects and Progress

Presented by: George Lukes, Nathan Jones,

Lee Young, Colby Christensen,
Daniel Jensen, Sam Newton
and May Anderson

UDOT has experience with several Digital Delivery projects in various stages of design and construction. This session highlights several of these projects and provides an opportunity to learn from project designers, field crews and contractors about their successes and challenges in the rapid advancement of Digital Delivery.
Rehabilitating a Historic Bridge: The Story of Rockville

Presented by: Mark Daniels, Pam Leach,

Guy Evans and Brian Bryne.

The town of Rockville is home to a historic truss bridge that was constructed in 1924 and recently rehabilitated. This presentation includes a background on how funding was acquired to rehabilitate the structure, a discussion of the rehabilitation items, as well as design and construction challenges.
Structures Preservation Standards

Presented by: Cody Parker, Thad Pinkerton

and Eric Buell.

This session provides valuable information for using the available Structures preservation standards and resources for planning and designing a UDOT Structures preservation project. Common construction work and construction issues involved with Structures preservation projects are included to help provide designers with understanding of the field conditions.
Updates to Specifications for the Structures Division

Presented by: James Corney and Ray Cook

Over the course of the year, modifications have been made to a number of specifications and special provisions. This presentation is intended to focus on some of the more significant changes related to the Structures Division. It covers the purpose of the revisions, what the revisions are and how the revisions affect their usage in projects. Specific discussion will be provided for: Driven Piles, Drilled Shafts, MSE Walls, and Polyester Concrete.
Common Project Coordination Issues

Presented by: Matt Rink, Rod Hess

and Charles Stormont

As technology has evolved, we all now have some very powerful tools at our disposal. So powerful in fact that we sometimes use of these tools goes beyond good engineering judgement. We get too precise and forget to think globally about how our decisions will impact others in a way that is not as positive as it could be. Experts from the Environmental, Hydraulics, Roadway, Right of Way, Structures, and Utilities departments present on how “best” to work together.
Structures Construction Inspection – Building More Durable Structures

Presented by: Brad Hollandsworth,

Mark Daniels and Jeremy Price

The UDOT Structures Construction Inspection Program is dedicated to increasing the service life and decreasing maintenance costs of UDOT structures. This session informs the audience about the role of the Structures Division on structures construction projects, the upcoming structures-specific training materials are geared toward Transportation Technicians and other field personnel, and include expectations of the Engineer of Record, and field support resources. This presentation also covers the role of the Geotechnical Engineer and Structural Steel Inspectors.

2018 Annual UDOT Conference

Session Description
BIM for Bridges and Structures – I-80 Blackrock Model Based Design and Construction (MBDC) Delivery

Presented by: John Montoya,

Randy Norton, Mark Daniels,
Daniel Jensen, Patrick Kalisz
and Colby Christensen

I-80 Blackrock is a Structures project with the Model as the Legal Document (MALD); the first in the nation. This presentation summarizes the CMGC process and the deliverable and follows that with a panel discussion including the design team and contractor.
Girder Stability During Erection and Temporary Bracing

Presented by: Jeremy Price, Jim Deschenes,

Clark Olsen, Mark Daniels
and Chad Anderson

This session presents the basics of checking for steel girder stability during lifting. It also covers temporary support of steel and concrete girders before diaphragms are installed. Topics include lifting with spreader bars, multiple crane lifts, crane position and methods to provide girder stability. The session also presents examples of actual girder lifts to demonstrate lifting procedures and solutions used in challenging projects along with a summary of the UDOT Standard Specifications and SDDM design requirements.
Structures Emergency Response Plan

Presented by: Clint McCleery

and Rebecca Nix

This session presents the Structures emergency response plan. It gives an overview of emergency response roles, inspection types, typical damage levels and types, and documentation during emergency response.

2017 Annual UDOT Conference

Session Description
Emergency Contracting

Presented by: Robert Wight, Michelle Page

and Cheryl Hersh Simmons

Whether it’s a major landslide resulting in extensive roadway damage, a bridge hit that exceeds normal repair options, flooding that damages the road and/or bridges, or some other emergency situation, know what steps to take next. Need a contractor to assist with major repairs, stabilization, constructability input, etc? Emergency Contracting may just be what you need.
Bridge Inspection Basics

Presented by: Mark Allington

and Jeremy Price

This session presents how structural steel inspectors perform inspection on structural steel materials, welding, and structural coatings. And how they perform specialized sampling and testing of materials and analyze their physical and chemical properties to verify compliance with standards and to ensure that quality products and materials are incorporated in UDOT structures.
Structures Design Decisions – Learning from Construction

Presented by: Mark Daniels, Nicholas Clark

and James Corney

This presentation emphasizes how a thorough effort during the structures design phase can positively impact the construction phase. The presentation also covers key aspects of the roles that structural designers have during the design and construction phases. A variety of tips, considerations and clarifications are highlighted from recent projects, the Structures Design and Detailing Manual, and the UDOT Standard Specifications.

2016 Annual UDOT Conference

Session Description
2016 Structures Division Manual Update

Presented by: Cheryl Hersh Simmons

and Joshua J. Sletten

This session covers the revisions and additions to the Structures Design and Detailing Manual (SDDM) and the Bridge Management Manual (BMM) as of November 2016.
Geotechnical Manual of Instruction

Presented by: Grant Gummow

This session discusses the revisions and additions to the Geotechnical Manual of Instruction (GMOI) as of November 2016.
Structures Specifications

Presented by: Ray Cook

The focus of this presentation is on the following:

1. The role of specifications within the contract
2. Specification writing principles driving the revisions
3. Significant revisions to structure-related standards
4. Implementing the new standards on UDOT projects
5. Structure Division expectations of designers in preparing specifications
Bridge Emergency Plan

Presented by: Carmen Swanwick

and Mike Ellis

The Structures Emergency Response plan provides a rapid, efficient and uniform method for inspection of bridges and other minor structures following an event that potentially compromises a structure’s integrity. The presentation discusses the safety plan and equipment list, communication, roles and responsibilities, training, routine inspection prioritization, inspection procedures and the emergency field inspection report.
Fatigue: The Dirty Devil / Veyo Project

Presented by: Becky Nix and Mark Daniels

During the biennial safety inspection of the Veyo Arch, located on SR-18 over the Santa Clara River, fatigue cracking was noted in multiple connection plate locations throughout the structure. In addition, previously identified cracks had further propagated. This session examines the deficiencies found, likely causes of the deficiencies, identification and inspection, and the retrofit process to address concerns and extend the life of the structure.
Bridge Treatments – Hydrodemolition and Polyester Concrete

Presented by: Cheryl Hersh Simmons,

Nick Clark and Lonnie Marchant

In this session, the Structures Division highlights two bridge deck rehabilitation and preservation treatments used to reduce the overall bridge life cycle cost and extend the service life of a bridge. Hydrodemolition is a concrete removal technique which uses high-pressure water to remove deteriorated concrete. After removing the deteriorated concrete, a concrete overlay is placed. Polyester concrete is a combination of a polymer resin and well graded durable aggregates used as a bridge deck overlay. The overlay uses a high molecular weight methacrylate (HMWM) primer to develop an integrated bond with the polyester concrete material and the bridge deck. The presentation discusses goals, implementation plans, limitations, and challenges.

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