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Statewide Utility License Agreement (SULA)

Utility Owners must have a license to legally occupy space within State Highway right-of-way. Once a SULA is executed and the required continuous bond (see below for a description of bonding) is received by UDOT, the Region Permit offices can issue location-specific encroachment permits for construction and maintenance. Utility Owners can apply for a SULA by contacting:

James Olschewski at (801) 965-4821 or jolschewski@utah.gov. In order to expedite this process have the Utility Owner’s legal name, address, state of incorporation, contact person, telephone number, e-mail address, and Federal Tax ID number available. SULAs will expire in five years from the date of execution unless a renewal is agreed upon prior to the expiration date.

As part of executing a license agreement with UDOT, Utility Owners of facilities located in the State Highway Right-of-Way are required to post a continuous bond in the amount of $100,000, naming UDOT as the insured, to guarantee satisfactory performance.  The utility Owner is exempt from the bond requirements if:

  1. It is a political subdivision and is a member of the municipal insurance pool; or
  2. At UDOT’s option, carries liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and as more specifically described in the license.

The obligation to maintain the continuous bond continues until the Utility Owner’s facilities are removed from the State Highway right-of-way.

Contractors and utility crews are required to have an encroachment permit before performing construction or maintenance work within the State Highway Right-of-Way.  To obtain an encroachment permit contact the UDOT Region Permit office. Permits Office link