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License Plate Reader

During the 2023 Legislative Session, S.B. 250 “Public Surveillance Amendments” established a process for municipalities to permit Automatic License Plate Reader System (ALPRS) in state rights-of-way.

UDOT’s role in permitting ALPRS does not involve considering the constitutionality of using ALPRS or content of any municipality’s policy regarding obtaining data or storage of data. Municipalities bear all responsibility for policies regarding obtaining, using and storing data and all policies must meet the legal requirements of Utah Code 41-6a-2003-4.

Municipalities wishing to obtain a permit to install an ALPRS in UDOT Right of Way, must fill out and sign an ALPRS Special Use Permit application (download pdf) and submit it to UDOT by emailing to alprs@utah.gov. Once complete, UDOT will review the application and approve or deny.

After obtaining an ALPRS Special Use Permit any disruption to traffic or presence on highways or shoulders (even temporary) requires the municipality to obtain an Encroachment Permit for Installation or maintenance work. Applicants may apply for an Encroachment Permit here using the process outlined.

A municipality may hire a contractor to install ALPRS systems in the state right of way, however, contractors must enter into a License Agreement with UDOT prior to application for encroachment permits. Municipalities and/or contractors must upload the ALPRS Special Use Permit to obtain an Encroachment Permit.

Please Note:

  1. Only one ALPRS Special Use Permit is required for each municipality. Multiple ALPRS may be installed within the law enforcement’s jurisdiction using the approved ALPRS Special Use Permit.
  2. Most law enforcement agencies do not have the legal capacity to contract in their own name therefore an authorized municipality official must be identified on the ALPRS Special Use Permit application along with their signature.
  3. You must have your Automatic License Plate Reader Policy published on a public website before your application can be approved.
  4. You will be required to provide UDOT with an updated/current list of Automatic License Plate Reader locations within your law enforcement jurisdiction.
  5. If you are hiring a contractor to install the ALPRS, please have them contact UDOT Statewide Permits prior to applying for an Encroachment Permit, as they will need to sign a licensing agreement with UDOT.
  6. When applying for the Encroachment permit, the applicant must indicate it is for an ALPRS and upload a copy of your ALPRS Special Use Permit within the Encroachment Permit application.