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Consultant Insurance

Insurance Information

UDOT requires all prime consultants to have current insurance coverage before execution of a contract. Consultants must submit a compliant Acord 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance listing each type of required insurance to csinsurance@utah.gov. Any certificate that is submitted without the required information may delay the consultant’s insurance certification requirement and prevent execution of a contract.

Insurance must be maintained in force until all activities under contract with UDOT are completed and accepted by UDOT. If the minimum insurance coverage is insufficient for a specific project, UDOT may require a consultant to obtain additional insurance. The UDOT/LG PM and the Consultant may use the Consultant Services Professional Liability Risk Assessment to assess additional insurance needs.

If a Consultant performs work that in their opinion does not present a liability risk for UDOT, the Consultant may request a waiver to the minimum liability insurance coverage required. For specific insurance policy requirements see the Insurance Guidelines.

Please note these insurance guidelines do not apply to Design/Build projects. For a Design/Build project, the Consultant will need to follow the requirements outlined in the RFQ/RFP for the project.

The Refer to the links below to determine which types and policy coverage amounts are required and to see a sample Acord Insurance Certificate which contains all the required items that must be included on each compliant certificate.

Please contact Audrey R. D’Ambruoso at (801) 965-4138 or adambruoso@utah.gov with questions or inquiries regarding insurance requirements.