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Consultant Services Project Solicitations

Consultant Services Project Solicitations

A solicitation is the document used by UDOT to obtain consultants’ proposals. Each Solicitation outlines the scope of work and criteria for the services being requested in addition to proposal format requirements. 

All project-specific solicitations (outside of the Consultant Qualified Pools) for which consultants may submit a proposal are advertised here until a contract has been executed.   

Project Solicitation Advertisements

Click here for active and upcoming solicitations, Solicitation RFQ Management.

Solicitation Forms

Consultant Selection Report

We have developed a Consultant Selection Report for contracts executed over the past year.

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Access to Solicitation Proposals  

To request access to the successful proposals in response to Solicitations over the past year, please complete the Request for Access to the UDOT Qualified Proposals Google Drive form and select the appropriate UDOT qualified proposal folders you would like access granted for.