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Utilities and Railroads


Regional Utility Leaders and Coordinators work collaboratively with project teams and utility owners to identify potentially impacted utility facilities associated with UDOT’s highway projects. The regional Utility staff coordinates the necessary relocation of the utility facilities. The following resources are available to help understand and accomplish this effort.

Utility Coordination Manual of Instruction (PDF File)

Advertising Final Utility Location for Advertising and Award within Projectwise

Railroad Coordination Manual of Instruction (PDF File)

Utility Survey Requirements

Updated September 10, 2018

The Department now requires​ that all underground utility facilities be collected to survey grade accuracy and electronic as-built records delivered with each permit or project.

Below is a template to help as a resource for fields that may need to be collected. Not all fields will be applicable to all utilities.

Once a collection is complete it ​shall be delivered to Garret Jenson for uploading into the Utility Database. If you have any questions, please contact Garret Jenson.

Garret Jenson
Statewide Utilities Manager

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Our Traffic & Safety Division oversees our railroad program and state safety oversight.