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Construction Manuals and Forms

Construction Manuals & Forms


Construction Manual of Instruction – (PDF)

Civil Rights Manual of Instruction for Resident Engineers – (PDF)

UDOT Safety and Health Manual – (PDF) 7.31MB PDF Version

Construction Forms:

Buy America Certification – (PDF)

C-103 Change Order or Force Account – Labor, Materials and Equipment analysis –
Note: Form located in Masterworks Construction Module

C-104 Daily Labor, Materials, and Equipment Record –
Note: Form located in Masterworks Construction Module

C-112 Crash Cusion or Barrier End Treatment letter –
Note: Located on Contractor Resources page

C-116 Subcontract Agreement Certification for Federal-aid Projects –
Note: Located on Contractor Resources page

C-116 Federal Insertion Documents –
Note: Located on Contractor Resources page

C-119 Contractor Rating Form (Any Project) –
Note: Form located in Masterworks Construction Module

C-170 Pedestrian Access Evaluation Form

Utility Forms – Cost Breakdown and Billing, UCOFN, and Fiscal Review – (Excel)
Includes the C-118U Utility Contract Overrun Funding Need (uCOFN)

C-199 Post Construction Conference Report
Note: Form located in Masterworks Construction Module

Note: Located on Contractor Resources page

C-300 (Fuel Cost Adjustment) – (Excel)

C-302 (Asphalt Cost Adjustment) – (Excel)

C-500 Buy America – (Excel)

R-5 (Transfer of Material & Equipment)
– (Word)

Retention Reduction calculation tool – (Excel)

Contractor Expiration Report

QHI Contractor Tracking – (Excel)

Inspection and Testing (I&T)


UDOT has provided the following list of consultants to conduct and facilitate partnering workshops for any UDOT-sponsored project. All facilitators listed below have completed the UDOT/AGC Partnering Training. Only these facilitators listed below may be eligible for Facilitators on UDOT Projects.

Partnering Facilitator Resources

Facilitator Requirements: The facilitators responsibilities include conducting workshops in accordance with the Utah Department of Transportation / Utah Association of General Contractors Partnering Field Guide 2009. This includes using the UDOT’s formal rating / evaluation program. The services include providing pre-workshop interviews with key project staff to determine workshop approach; workshop facilitation; meeting minutes; and comprehensive reports that include a project charter. Partnering facilitators work with project crews to assist the group in focusing on common problems and goals, create an environment of openness and trust, strive to build consensus and commitment on all topics and to ensure the team is using all elements of the partnering concepts as described in the Partnering Field Guide. The facilitator shall be impartial with no vested interest in the project outcome. Facilitators will only be added to the UDOT Partnering Facilitators list when they have completed one of the following:
  • Completed UDOT’s Partnering Training
  • Had their experience / qualification verified and approved through resume submission by the AGC/UDOT joint Partnering Committee.
Resumes of individuals with a minimum of five years of design and construction experience in the transportation industry, should be submitted to Chris Dilley at cdilley@utah.gov. The Following Facilitators are approved to provide FORMAL and SEMI FORMAL Partnering Facilitation. PDF Downloads:

Partnering Field Guide – (1.8MB File)



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If your project shows in this list, the a GASB form needs to be completed.

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