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Pavement Marking Materials

Crew placing I-15 shield pavement message photo

UDOT uses a variety of pavement marking materials including waterborne paint, tape, epoxy, and thermoplastics. This page will help explain the different materials and how they are selected.

Pavement Marking Approach to Material Selection and Types

UDOT continuously updates its resources, including specifications, performance measures, guidelines, and procedures with criteria gathered from ongoing research, projects, and studies. These resources are utilized in making innovative and informed decisions regarding the use of top performing materials on UDOT maintained routes.

Map with red over higher elevations showing High Plowing Zones and Green over lower elevation areas indicating Low Plowing Zones
Snowplow Frequency Map

UDOT crews use the Pavement Striping Selection Logic Flowchart to determine what product to use on a particular road. The flowchart makes a recommendation based on UDOT’s asset management practices which measure performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness. It is a financially based methodology that maximizes the efficient use of limited budgets. Many materials can be used for pavement markings; however, the performance and cost of the different materials can vary greatly.

Another factor in determining pavement marking material is snowplow frequency, which affects pavement marking performance. UDOT has gathered data that includes storm frequency and the amount of plowing for areas around Utah and uses this data in its decisions making processes.

  • Low Plowing Zone = less than 13 days per year
  • Medium Plowing Zone = 14 to 27 days per year
  • High Plowing Zone = more than 27 days per year

Also important to the decision-making process is the life cycle of the various pavement marking materials. Currently used materials are included in the table below:

Material TypeLife CyclePhoto
Waterborne Paint1 – 3 years
Tape6 – 9 years if placed in pavement grooves
Epoxy3 – 5 years
Thermoplastics3 – 5 years
Thermoplastic Messages3 – 5 years

Taking into account the factors mentioned above, UDOT developed the Pavement Marking Material Selection Guideline which is used by maintenance personnel, designers, and others in choosing the optimum materials for each UDOT maintained route.

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