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Road Usage Charge History and Technical Information

The Utah Legislature is working to ensure that transportation funding mechanisms are ready and in place to meet future demands and keep Utah moving. Drivers of alternative fuel vehicles pay a flat fee during their annual registration to compensate for not paying as much fuel tax as drivers of conventional vehicles. These fees pay for operations and maintenance of Utah’s transportation system.

As of 2020, alternative fuel vehicle owners have an option to pay a mileage-based road usage charge in lieu of their annual alternative fuel vehicle fee. UDOT is involved in the Road Usage Charge effort in order to Keep Utah Moving by exploring future funding mechanisms for building and maintaining our transportation system. Click here (2MB PDF File) for an informational one-pager regarding Utah’s Road Usage Charge program.

Enrollment for Utah’s Road Usage Charge is now open. Please visit roadusagecharge.utah.gov for more information.

About Road Usage Charge

Existing Research & Studies

Future of Road Usage Charge Workshop RUC West
The following PDF downloads were created by RUC West, an organization sharing resources about road usage charging.

Federal Grants

UDOT has been awarded four federal grants through the Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives (STSFA) Program. These grants are to further explore Road Usage Charge.
  • Utah Alternative Fuel Vehicle Road Usage Charge Program
    • This grant provided funding for statewide implementation of a fully functional Road Usage Charge program for alternative fuel vehicles. Owners of such vehicles have the option to enroll in the Road Usage Charge program instead of paying the alternative fuel vehicle fee at time of registration. Timeline 2019-2022

      Grant Application
  • Integration of Road Usage Charge & Express Lanes Tolling
    • This grant will explore the possibility of combining the Road Usage Charge program with UDOT’s Express Lanes tolling system. Technologies, processes, and customer communication will be tested. Timeline 2022-2023

      Grant Application
  • Road Usage Charge Local Overlay
    • This grant will test the feasibility of local government agencies (i.e. cities and counties) to use Utah’s Road Usage Charge platform as a means to generate user-based revenue to pay for their transportation needs. Technologies, processes, and customer communication will be tested. Timeline 2022-2023

      Grant Application
  • Road Usage Charge Customer Service Optimization
    • The experience of participants in the Road Usage Charge program is critical to its success. This grant will explore participant experience and how UDOT and other state and federal governments can optimize the Road Usage Charge customer experience. Timeline 2022-2023

      Grant Application

RUC West

RUC West brings together leaders from state transportation organizations to share best practices and research Road Usage Charge.