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Planning Division

Planning Roles and Responsibilities

The fundamental objective of UDOT’s Planning Division is to help the department identify areas of future transportation need and to address that need in a way that considers all users, including our transportation planning partners. We strive to help the department build the right project, in the right place, at the right time. We work in all modes of transportation, including walking, biking, and public transportation and consider it our responsibility to plan for a comprehensive transportation network that is safe, efficient, and incorporates all modes. One of the Planning Division’s tasks is to implement, Utah’s Transportation Vision.

Central Planning Resources

Planning Director – Andrea Olson, andreaolson@utah.gov

Planning Manager – Angelo Papastamos, apapastamos@utah.gov

GIS/Data/Model Program Manager – Stephanie Tomlin, satomlin@utah.gov

Air Quality Planning Coordinator – Elden Bingham, eldenbingham@utah.gov

Long Range Planning Manager – Jay Aguilar, jayaguilar@utah.gov

Urban Planning Manager – Jordan Backman, jbackman@utah.gov

Region Planning Resources

Region 1 Planning Manager – Christopher Chesnut, cchesnut@utah.gov

Region 2 Planning Manager – Grant Farnsworth, gfarnsworth@utah.gov

Region 3 Planning Manager – Eric Rasband, erasband@utah.gov

Region 4 Planning Manager – Chris Hall, cdhall@utah.gov

Planning Information