2. Technology and Innovation Group
  3. Transportation Performance Management (TPM) Division
  4. Organizational Management

Organizational Management

Continuous Improvement Mindset

Through respect and humility*, we promote continuous improvement by:

  • Learning from groups to outline their strengths in how they do their jobs
  • Creating space by defining processes that opens more time for innovation
  • Facilitating discussions and providing tools to expand job satisfaction
  • Promoting knowledge management by documenting processes

*Shingo principles

Process Improvement Methods / Tools

Theory of Constraints

A methodology for identifying the bottleneck that keeps us from achieving a goal and applies methods and tools for improvement.

We use TOC in collaboration with GOMB to look for ways to improve efficiency across the department.

Human-centered Design

Human-centered design is a process for creative problem solving. It pulls together what’s desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

We use human-centered design methods to learn, define, design, and test new processes while collaborating and gaining buy-in.

Lean / Six Sigma

Lean reduces waste by streamlining processes while Six Sigma reduces defects by effectively solving problems. Used together they make processes faster and more efficient.

We are introducing tools such as DMAIC, Critical to Quality trees, 5S, and Kanban throughout the department. These and many other options help people identify customer requirements and provide the right products.

Use this simple process mapping template to visualize your processes.