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Performance Management

Developing a strategic approach that uses system information to achieve performance criterion that align with policy decisions and drive investment strategies


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Strategic Direction

The UDOT strategic direction includes three goals and 14 metrics that make up the performance indices for each. Reviewing and maintaining the metrics is a vital part of the decision making process.

Federal Reporting Steward

The performance management section is responsible to report yearly on UDOT’s federal performance measures through the Highway Performance Management System (HPMS). In addition, we set, review, and update targets with our MPO and transit partners. Timely, regular and accurate reporting is essential to provide a consistent data set along with meeting federal reporting requirements related to funding.

Performance Forecasting

Reviewing UDOT’s past performance only tells part of the story.  We are working with our asset partners to develop ways to forecast performance based on metrics and funding levels. With this data, the department can make more informed, data driven funding decisions.


The Goal, Strategy, Objective, Tactic (GSOT) methodology allows for a systematic way to set meaningful measures that link high level outcomes to everyday actions.

Tactical Measures

Each Division is responsible for the metrics that drive their decisions and actions. We help to inform the performance measure process along with target setting to create meaningful measures. An Annual Statistical Summary is developed to highlight pertinent information and metrics that helps tell our stories.


The Performance Management Committee (PMC) includes Division Directors from across the department meeting together in an effort to inform and coordinate performance management efforts. Utilizing the collective voice of the leaders, recommendations for asset funding will be more aligned with department interests and needs.