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Structures Division

Welcome to the Structures Division

The Structures Division is comprised of Bridge Management, Structures Design and Geotechnical Design. Bridge Management focuses on the responsible management of the in service bridge inventory. Structures Design and Geotechnical Design focus on project delivery. The Structures Division aligns activities to support the Department Strategic Direction and reports on performance. The Structures Division receives funding each year to support the Bridge Programs.

Contact Information

Cheryl Hersh Simmons
Chief Structural Engineer
Cell: (801) 557-7846

Tory Martin
Administrative Secretary
Office: (801) 965-4188 Cell: (801) 647-0281

Physical Address:
4501 South 2700 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84129

Mailing Address:
PO Box 148470, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-8470

Emergency Response Contact

To report an accident involving a bridge or other structure, contact:

Clint McCleery
Bridge Emergency / Maintenance Coordinator
(801) 712-8685

Bridge Management Information and Contacts

Bridge Management provides data to support structure project prioritization for preservation, maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement, and emergency services to ensure the safety of the traveling public.
Bridge Management inspects, monitors, reports and effectively manages the structure inventory for a safe, reliable transportation system.

Contact Information

Rebecca Nix
Bridge Management Engineer
(801) 633-2810

Eric Buell
Bridge Program Manager
(801) 822-4197

Structures Design Information and Contacts


Structures Design produces safe, high quality, and economical structural designs for preservation, rehabilitation and replacement projects through efficient, timely communication, innovation, technical expertise and professionalism.


Structures Design provides structural engineering services, manages structure design and construction, and establishes and maintains structural design criteria and standards to ensure a safe, economical and reliable transportation system.

Contact Information

Mark Daniels

Structures Design Manager
(801) 513-3548

Geotechnical Design Information and Contacts

Objectives Geotechnical Design produces safe, high quality, and economical geotechnical designs for foundations, retaining walls, landslides, soil and slope stability, and rock falls through efficient, timely communication, and technical expertise.
Initiatives Geotechnical Design provides geotechnical engineering services including investigation and testing, and establishes and maintains geotechnical design criteria and standards to ensure a safe, economical and reliable transportation system.
Contact Information

Keith Brown
Geotechnical Design Manager
(801) 633-6238

Jon Bischoff
Geotechnical Engineer Specialist
(801) 441-9484

Ken Staker
Lab Technician
(801) 403-0796

Grant Gummow
Geotechnical Engineer
(801) 633-1405

Jim Higbee
Geotechnical Engineer
(801) 230-9280

Darin Sjoblom
Geotechnical Engineer
Cell: (801) 633-6237
Office: (801) 964-4474

Ari Menitove
Geological Engineer
(801) 631-5973

Brent Malone
Journey Driller
(801) 671-2571

For Information on Locally Owned Structures

Local agencies may request information on locally owned structures by following the link below:

Structure Plans and Reports Request

Bridge Program Overview

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Information

Bridge Replacement, Rehabilitation & Preservation Program

Spring 2020 Fact Sheet

STIP Program Allocations
2021 Allocations – Structures Breakout

Current List of Projects (Proposed and Commission Approved)
STIP Workshop Application
To filter the list to Structures projects, select “Structures” from the “Programs” drop-down menu in the top left of the STIP Workshop Application window.

Annual Bridge Reports

Annual bridge reports provide a quick reference to those interested in key facts about the overall bridge inventory in Utah, the condition of the inventory, and ongoing bridge programs that address important objectives of the Structures Division.

Annual Statistical Summary

2017 Annual Bridge Report

2016 Annual Bridge Report

2015 Annual Bridge Report

2014 Annual Bridge Report

Bridge Formula Program

The Bridge Formula Program (BFP) provides the opportunity for funding the replacement, rehabilitation, and preservation of bridges on the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) to address deficiencies due to aging and deterioration as well as operational restrictions like load postings.

Click HERE to connect to the Bridge Formula Program Dashboard which provides a summary of the current state of the program.

Structures & Geotechnical Guidance and Manuals
UDOT Strategic Direction
Structures & Geotechnical Events
Structures Division Comment Form

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