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Construction & Civil Rights Division

Welcome to Construction and Civil Rights

The UDOT Construction and Civil Rights Divisions provide services to efficiently deliver projects and ensure civil rights requirements are met per Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) guidelines.  These Divisions are responsible for processes, procedures, manuals, guidelines, standards, specifications and training related to contracting, construction and civil rights.

Construction Contact Information

If you are unable to reach anyone below, please call our Administrative Secretary Tiffany Kuntz at 801-965-4398.

Construction Operations

Contact Information:

Eric Chaston
Director of Construction
Email: echaston@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 910-2531

Tiffany Kuntz
Administrative Secretary
Email: tkuntz@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 965-4398

Jace Mecham
State Construction Engineer 
Email: jmecham@utah.gov
Cell: (435) 230-2989

Rodney Ruby
Deputy State Construction Engineer 
Email: rjruby@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 910-2560

Amy Emerson
Senior Business Analyst 
Email: aemerson@utah.gov
Cell: (909) 215-9400

Quality Management

Contact Information:

Ken Talbot
Construction Acceptance Engineer
Email: kentalbot@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 360-8750

Construction Training Program

Contact Information:

Cory Bekkemellom
Inspection Program Manager
Email: cbekkemellom@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 910-2583

Civil Rights Contact Information

Civil Rights 

Contact Information:

Tori Berry
Civil Rights Division Manager
Email: tberry@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 361-9621

Judy Romrell
Civil Rights, Compliance Specialist
Email: jromrell@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 870-2563

Sheri Uffens (Non-UDOT Consultant)
Civil Rights Specialist
Email: sheri.mathison@wcg.us
Cell: (801) 574-9432

Vickie Pollock
Title VI Specialist 
Email: vpollock@utah.gov
Office: (801) 965-4384

Aaron Watson (Non-UDOT Consultant)
Civil Rights, Construction Project Close-Out, EEO/Labor Compliance Specialist
Email: aaron.watson@wcg.us
Cell: (801) 573-9166

Mary Watson (Non-UDOT Consultant)
Civil Rights, EEO/Labor Compliance Specialist
Email: mary.watson@wcg.us
Office: (801) 946-2639

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