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Preconstruction Division

UDOT Preconstruction provides tools, training and support to ensure project success from design through completion.

Fred Doehring
Director of Preconstruction
Email: fdoehring@utah.gov
Cell: (801) 633-6215

Design and Standards

Manages the UDOT standards process, provides estimate support services, and directs the development of the emerging Digital Delivery process.

Contact Information:

George Lukes
Design and Standards Engineer
Email: glukes@utah.gov
Work: 801-965-4986
Mobile: 801-633-8186

Becky Hjelm
Digital Delivery/Digital Twin Advancement
Email: bhjelm@utah.gov
Work: 801-964-4456
Mobile: 801-386-4162

Bob Peterson
CADD Manager
Email: bobpeterson@utah.gov
Work: 801-965-4041
Mobile: 801-633-9778

James Buckley
CADD Technician
Email: jbuckley@utah.gov
Work: 801-965-4662
Mobile: 801-671-7535

Brad Yeates
Standards and Specifications
Email: bbyeates@utah.gov
Work: 801-965-4807
Mobile: 385-315-3872

Riley Lindsay
Statewide Design and Project Support Surveyor
Email: rlindsay@utah.gov
Work: 435-893-4732
Mobile: 435 201-1242

Ariel Froerer
BIM Specialist
Email: afroerer@utah.gov
Mobile: 801 821-0467

Drainage Design/Hydraulics

Oversees the hydraulics program and serves as a resource for UDOT regions.

Contact Information:

Brandon Cox
Statewide Hydraulics Engineer
Email: brandoncox@utah.gov
Mobile: 801-550-2960

Vaughn Nelson
Statewide Design Engineer
Email: vanelson@utah.gov
Mobile: 801-910-2031

Project Management

Provides tools and training for project managers’ teams.

Contact Information:

Branden Anderson
Statewide Project / Program Management Engineer
Email: branden@utah.gov
Mobile: 435-619-0098

Right of Way Design

Develops and maintains processes and standards for the description of property needed for UDOT projects.

Contact Information:

James Olschewski
Statewide Right of Way Design Program Engineer
Email: jolschewski@utah.gov
Work: 801-965-4821
Mobile: 801-953-4860

Roadway Design

Provides technical expertise to department and consultant designers.

Contact Information:

Vaughn Nelson
Statewide Design Engineer
Email: vanelson@utah.gov
Mobile: 801-910-2031

George Lukes
Design and Standards Engineer
Email: glukes@utah.gov
Work: 801-965-4986
Mobile: 801-633-8186

Transit Design

Oversees the development and implementation of standards related to transit facilities on state routes or for state-funded projects.

Contact Information:

Jim Webb
Statewide Transit Engineer
Email: jwebb@utah.gov
Mobile: 801-230-7915


Utilities Division is responsible for providing high-quality utility coordination throughout the state of Utah. Regional Utility Leaders and Coordinators work collaboratively with project teams and utility owners to identify potentially impacted utility facilities associated with UDOT’s highway projects. The regional utility staff coordinates the necessary relocation of the utility facilities employing nationwide best practices for effective utility coordination and cooperation.

Not to be confused with the Railroad Safety Division.

Contact Information:

Region One

Lincoln Port
Email: lport@utah.gov
Work: 435-851-1613

Region Two

John Bangle
Email: jbangle@utah.gov
Work: 801-975-4994

Region Three

Austin Tripp
Email: atripp@utah.gov
Work: 801-227-8020

Region Four

Jeff Albrecht
Email: jalbrecht@utah.gov
Mobile: 435-689-0229

Gernice White
Email: gernice@utah.gov
Work: 435-893-4764

Statewide Utilities Manager

Garret Jenson
Email: gjenson@utah.gov
Work: 801-965-4083

Statewide Railroad

Jim Golden
Email: jimgolden@utah.gov
Mobile: 801-360-0052

Statewide Railroad Engineer

Jesse Sweeten
Email: jsweeten@utah.gov
Mobile: 385 306-9982