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Data, Technology & Analytics Division



UDOT Spatial Technologies

The Spatial Technologies Group exists to provide geospatial technical products and services to the Department under the direction of the Technology and Innovation Group. These products and services include: 

  • GIS development & support
  • Modernization and support of state linear reference system 
  • Develop & maintain technology tools to measure performance 
  • GIS technical support  
  • GIS Training 

You can find dashboards for reference here: https://hub.udot.utah.gov

For GIS questions or concerns you can email: udotgis@utah.gov 


UDOT Data Portal (GIS)

The UDOT Data Portal provides access to UDOT’s applications for exploring current authoritative datasets. Data is available to view or download and can be searched by keyword or category.  The Data Portal also provides access to the GIS Training Portal, which provides videos on how to navigate UPlan, Highway Reference Online, and other innovative applications from the GIS team.



You can view training details related to GIS here: 




Linear Referencing

Highway Reference (HRO App)

State Road Resolution Information

* When opening files, please download to pdf version to see bookmarks.

Contact Information for Highway Reference & Highway Resolutions:

Peter Bigelow – peterbigelow@utah.gov – 801-870-3831


Business Information Technology

As a part of the Technology and Innovation Group, the Business Systems Group exists to provide department-wide technical support for the following technology systems: 

  • ePM
  • MasterWorks
  • PDBS
  • ProjectWise
  • Adobe
  • SharePoint/Interchange
  • Google
  • Other technology systems
  • IT Project Management

We focus on customers to help increase their productivity, and use of technology systems. 


Project Scheduling Electronic Business Project Manager – Keriann Noble

keriannnoble@utah.gov – 801-633-6101

ProjectWise – Gary Williams

garywilliams@utah.gov – 801-633-0861

ePM – Steve Wilkins

stevewilkins@utah.gov – 801-726-8364

PDBS – Mark Lefler Coming soon

Masterworks – Mark Lefler and Scott Morrill

Adobe – Jordan Lee

jlee@utah.gov – 435-533-5840

BIT helpline: 801-965-4040


Data Analytics 

The Data & Analytics team assists UDOT with various activities.

Asssistance is available in the following data rlated services:

  • Collection
  • Compiling
  • Coordination
  • Cleansing
  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Loading
  • Organization
  • Sharing
  • Architecture

Additional services and assistance can be provided with:

  • Automation of manual processes
  • Google Suite Uses/ Best Practices
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboard/ Report Creation
  • Data Governence
  • Data Science (AI/ML) (**D&A team can help identify and asist with potential projects/processes that may benefit from AI/ML**)

For Data &Analytics questions or assistance submit a form here: Link to D&A Form