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Pavement Marking Warranties

Pavement Marking Warranties are provided to UDOT by each of their Pavement Marking vendors as part of the UDOT Specification 02768 on specified Projects. These Warranties provide coverage for the Pavement Marking Materials provided to UDOT by the vendor for the specified term of the specification.

Pavement Marking Warranty Map

Please refer to UDOT’s Pavement Marking Warranty Map to view Pavement Marking Warranty Project locations throughout the state. You may view Vendor and Project location details by right-clicking on the Map for Tape, Thermoplastic & Paint Projects.

Vendor Warranty Bond and Contact Information

Please Note: The warranties cover projects installed in the current calendar year and continue coverage for all installations in previous years still under warranty.

3M Tape Statewide Performance Bond
3M Company Representative
Tim Gibson

Flint Preformed Thermoplastic Statewide Bond Continuation Certificate
Ennis-Flint Company Representative
Gary Marshall

Geveko Markings Inc. Statewide Bond Continuation Certificate
Geveko Markings Inc
Ben McCabe

Ozark Statewide Bond Continuation Certificate
Ozark Company Representative
Kevin Hall

Swarco Statewide Bond Continuation Certificate
Swarco Marking Systems
Mark Colombo

For every project requiring a bond, please send the following information to the Asset Engineer for Maintenance.
For your convenience, you may choose to enter this information into the Pavement Marking Warranty Form

  1. Project Number
  2. PIN
  3. Route
  4. Beginning Milepost
  5. Ending Milepost
  6. UDOT Region
  7. Product Name
  8. Manufacturer
  9. Installation Date
  10. Expiration Date
  11. Surface Type
  12. Prime Contractor
  13. Striping Subcontractor

Abdul Wakil
Asset Engineer for Maintenance
PO Box 148250
4501 S 2700 W
Salt Lake City, UT  84114-8250
385-267-9060 | mobile

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